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Love, had nothing better to do

Big Long NSYNC Survey Thing

What made you become an *NSYNC fan?:
It was during the Macy's christmas parade on TV in 1998. i saw them singing and i was just blown away. since then i was obsessed.

If your favorite *NSYNC'er was just a normal guy, walking down the street, would you like them?: oh give him a couple once-overs. maybe have the guts to talk to him. oooooooooo, baracuda

If you could spend a day with one of them, who would it be with and what would you do?: Justin, to get to know him and why he does the things he does( like his hair styles and choice of women). But if i couldnt get justin it'd be chris so we could just crack jokes/pranks and run around causing havoc.

Did you like them in the very beginning, or did you think they were another NKOTB?: I was like, BSB who?

Have you ever gone out of state (or really far away) to see them?: No, though i do want to one day.

What music video is your favorite?:
its hard to decide between 'gone' and 'i drive myself crazy'. i mean the black and white just turned me on. But jayce kickin that guy's ass was unforgetable. plus, they were just plain sexXxy...period.

Which video tape is your favorite?: the reel NSYNC...who had the fucking time to write 'i love chris' 5000 times? plus it was just plain hilarious!

Which is your favorite album?: No Strings

What is your favorite song on No Strings Attached?: Make Me Ill and digital telling you, they shouldve done a vid for those two.

What is your favorite song on *NSYNC?: i drive myself crazy and i want you back.

What is your favorite song on Celebrity?: Gone and girlfriend


Do you like the name *NSYNC?: uh..its original thats for sure

Who's your favorite *NSYNCer?: justin...DAMN!!!

Cutest?: lance...i guess its the shy thing he be workin'

Sweetest?: JC

Funniest?: Chris and Joey

Most Hyper?: Chris and JC

Biggest Party Animal?:i dunno...prolly j and chris

Best All Around?: lance

Hottest?: hhmmmm, let me think about that one for a second.....

Best Voice?: JC and justin (since their the ONLY ones who sing)

Best Hair?: The fro(it had a personality of its own)...RIP

Best Body?: you know how many shirtless pics i have of him?

Best smile?: seems he's always smilin'

Best dressed?: i like Chris's style..minus the mohawk..its cool

Best personality?: pimp master joey

Best eyes?: justin's...its wierd/scary how you cant tell how he's feeling just by looking into them.

Best baby picture?: i wnat my son to look like justin as a baby.
Best looking in a wife beater?: Justin..DUH

[Choose one...]

Cornrows or Fro?: will be forever missed(RIP)
Wifebeater or shirtless?: do you really need to ask this question? i prefer naked, but the closets i come to is shirtless.
Looking innocent or devilish?: depends...though devilish is a turn on.
JRT or NSYNC necklace?: him rockin da ice
His voice in "This I Promise You" or "Digital Getdown"?: we can do all that we want we gettin nasty, nasty. we gettin freaky deaky...need i sing more?
Bandana or curls?: curls
Short fro or big fro?: either long as he has hair.
Tight pants or falling down pants?: in between...they hug in the "right" places if ya know what i mean
Justin when *NSYNC first began or Justin now?: now...he just matured lol


Dreds or haircut?: haircut..i was waiting for him to cut those things off and cries when he did.
Chris singing "I Drive Myself Crazy" or "Stayin Alive"?: i never heard stayin alive :( so i pick i drive myself crazy.
With or without braces?: what do you think?
On the Winter Album or Home For Christmas?: there's a difference?
Chris picking on Joey or Chris picking on Justin?: both...though i think itd be funnier to pick on justin
Dressing like Justin or dressing like JC?: ive never seen him dress like that...always punk or hip hop.
Chris when *NSYNC started or Chris now?: a lil both


Red hair or brown hair?: red
Red tips or black hair?: red tips
Joey's jokes or Joey's flirtiness?: lol both...depends on the joke.
With or without eyebrow piercing?: With
Spikes or slicked back hair?: Spikes..sexXxy...mmmmmmmmmmm
With or without facial hair?: With..he looks fat without it.
Flirty Joey or serious Joey?: Flirty Joey
Joey's voice or looks?: Voice
Joey when *NSYNC began or Joey now?: NOW


Bowl-cut or spikes?: Spikes! The bowlcut scared me! he looked like a girl.
Black hair with blond top or blond?: black hair..he looked so hot in on the line with dark hair.
Black or blue hair?: Blue..that was funny
His eyes or his lips?: eyes...sometimes theyre creepy looking
Lance in "Everything I Own" or "Giddy up"?: giddy up *drools*
His dancing or his business-mind?: buisness mind. he cant dance for shiznit
Lance when *NSYNC began or Lance now?: now cuz he doesnt look like a girl(as much like a girl)


Light brown hair or dark brown hair?: either
Fake tattoos or no?: none...cuz he looked just...nevermind
Facial hair or not?: facial hair a lil tho, he looks sexy either way
His eyes or his body?: Eyes. hes kinda scrawny
His voice in "Digital Getdown" or "This I Promise You"?: TIPY
The lyrics he wrote to "Space Cowboy" or "No Strings Attached"?: space cow boy! y yi yi yippie yi yay yippie yi yo yippie yi yo
JC as a baby or on MMC?: I represent WIPE OUT BABY! duckynessa is just to ill keep this here for her
His lyrics or his singing?: both, but he does write some hot songs
JC when *NSYNC began or JC now?: he hasnt really changed, appearance wise yea, but it doesnt matter


*NSYNC, Home For Christmas, No Strings Attached, or Celebrity?: NSA
"Tearin' Up My Heart" or "I Want You Back"?: want u back. theyre all i ever wanted...theyre all i ever needed, yeah!!
"Bye, Bye, Bye" or "It's Gonna Be Me"?: IGBM
"This I Promise You" or "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You"?: gmhsalmtoy....mmmmmmmm
"Giddy Up" or "Digital Getdown"?: Digital Get Down....they lick seen around the world was AWESOME!!!!
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