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weeeee :]]]

Got this off someone elses journal -hi to that person, who i have forgot ;\ ;x

What made you become an *NSYNC fan?:
My bud Jessica told me about em, I listened to the debut one time, and I was hooked :]

If your favorite *NSYNC'er was just a normal guy, walking down the street, would you like them?: SHYEAH! Chris would be walking down the street....acting like a fool, and I would SO want to have his children, i love "idiots" ;x

If you could spend a day with one of them, who would it be with and what would you do?: Chris ;; I would take him for a romantic walk to the gas station, and then wed go to the park and act like kids, playing on the swings and whatnot....then I would do everything in my willpower to seduce that man...mhm :]

Did you like them in the very beginning, or did you think they were another NKOTB?: Well, obviously I loved em...read question number uno.

Have you ever gone out of state (or really far away) to see them?: Not yet....me and erin were gonna try to go to orlando, but we're a bunch of broke whores....we travel about an hour each time to see them...and thats close enough to a road trip, with her crazy ass driving on an atlanta sidewalk, and me getting us lost...no WAIT....once, we went to the Atlanta Hard Rock, to be cool like JC and steal menus...and I got us lost and we ended up in SC :]

What music video is your favorite?:
Eurpoean IWYB...haha noooooo...either IDMC, or girlfriend

Which video tape is your favorite?: *N the mix

Which is your favorite album?: NSA

What is your favorite song on No Strings Attached?: TIPY-tear, memories-, and thats when ill stop loving you

What is your favorite song on *NSYNC?: i drive myself crazy, sailing

What is your favorite song on Celebrity?: Selfish...and if we wanna get technical, on the Celeb. import, its gotta be "falling" :}


Do you like the name *NSYNC?: sure...but id like em even if they did end up having to change their names....damn Lou Pearlman, crazy-ass marshmellow man. :\

Who's your favorite *NSYNCer?: Chris <3

Cutest?: Lance...i just wanna hug him and show him to my momma, lol

Sweetest?: Joey

Funniest?: Chris and Joey

Most Hyper?: Chris and JC

Biggest Party Animal?:probably justin...I'll let ya know when i party with em, heh ;]

Best All Around?: to me, I would say Chris...hes smart, attractive, crazy as hell, but when you look into his eyes, hes got a sensitive side, something hes trying to hide, and I want to find out what it is

Hottest?: they're all hot

Best Voice?: I think they're all amazing singers...But of course, I'm once again partial to my kirky...i mean, dude, just listen to "I Will" -chillbumps-

Best Hair?: The fro(it had a personality of its own)...RIP<~~I agree, it was indeed the 6th member of nsync...but dude, Chris was totally rocking that mohawk...why'd he rid himself of it?

Best Body?: okay okay....Justin!

Best smile?: Lance

Best dressed?: i like Chris's style..minus the mohawk..its cool<~~nooo person...mohawk love! lol...Hmm, Chris does have good style...BRING BACK FMS!

Best personality?: Lance...hes a mommas boy

Best eyes?: Chris = deep chesnut brown eyes = <3333

Best baby picture?: rofl, JC ;D

Best looking in a wife beater?: Justin ;x

[Choose one...]

Cornrows or Fro?: Fro..it will be forever missed(RIP)<~yes

Wifebeater or shirtless?: shirtless

Looking innocent or devilish?: innocent

JRT or NSYNC necklace?: JRT..love him rockin da ice<~lol, yes "jert, jert?"

His voice in "This I Promise You" or "Digital Getdown"?: yes, please

Bandana or curls?: curls

Short fro or big fro?: massive extremities of fro, por favor

Justin when *NSYNC first began or Justin now?: now...hes a MIZZAN!


Dreds or haircut?: haircut

Chris singing "I Drive Myself Crazy" or "Stayin Alive"?: i like em both, but IDMC
With or without braces?: without

On the Winter Album or Home For Christmas?: there's a difference?

Chris picking on Joey or Chris picking on Justin?: joey

Dressing like Justin or dressing like JC?: its be funny to see Chris in the tight red pants of JC's from NSA tour

Chris when *NSYNC started or Chris now?: now


Red hair or brown hair?: brown
Red tips or black hair?: red tips
Joey's jokes or Joey's flirtiness?: both...hes a funny lil pimp <3
With or without eyebrow piercing?: With
Spikes or slicked back hair?: spikes<333
With or without facial hair?: With..he looks fat without it.<~lol agreed
Flirty Joey or serious Joey?: Flirty Joey
Joey's voice or looks?: Voice
Joey when *NSYNC began or Joey now?: N o w


Bowl-cut or spikes?: Spikes
Black hair with blond top or blond?: blackkkkkkkkk
Black or blue hair?: black
His eyes or his lips?: lips
Lance in "Everything I Own" or "Giddy up"?: 4 words..."GIRL WERE YOU ALONE"
His dancing or his business-mind?: buisness mind...wait...lance dances? aww, I gotta give him some credit, he HAS improved, lol
Lance when *NSYNC began or Lance now?: now....boy done went and got hot behind my back


Light brown hair or dark brown hair?: light
Fake tattoos or no?: none
Facial hair or not?: with
His eyes or his body?: body...THE BULGE<3
His voice in "Digital Getdown" or "This I Promise You"?: TIPY
The lyrics he wrote to "Space Cowboy" or "No Strings Attached"?: NSA
JC as a baby or on MMC?: babyyy
His lyrics or his singing?: both...if you havent heard "blowin me up" yet, GO DL NOW
JC when *NSYNC began or JC now?: now


*NSYNC, Home For Christmas, No Strings Attached, or Celebrity?: NSA
"Tearin' Up My Heart" or "I Want You Back"?: IWYB
"Bye, Bye, Bye" or "It's Gonna Be Me"?: IGBM
"This I Promise You" or "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You"?: must i choose?

"Giddy Up" or "Digital Getdown"?: Digital Get Down....they lick seen around the world was AWESOME!!!! <~~WOOHOO! person, you rock :]
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